Denial ~ C.j.Sanders ’11

Use me; I’m already broken.

Here’s my heart: keep it as a token.

I go until I absolutely bust.

Long for love that’s sprout from lust.

I seek comfort in the words I write,

But I’ll find none ’til I hold you tight.

Waiting on words that may never be spoken,

Then my heart will be undeniably broken.



You hum that melody; Hum it well.

I hang on each chord; my heart will swell.

Dream of me, of my kiss.

Think of me as something to miss.

I seem to try with all my might,

But I’ll admit, this may be a losing fight.

The solution rings as clear as a bell,

But you deny it; Deny it well.



Don’t lie and say you don’t think of me;

I’ll call you a fool, because a fool you’ll be.

I know you long to caress my skin,

Though you know its a crying sin.

Mistake my trembling for a weakness,

But its my will, fading into bleakness.

Oh, how I long for you to only see,

That I’m who you want; you belong with me!


~ by Antelux Oculos on 08/07/2011.

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