These Fruits Are Fire~ C.j.Sanders ’11

I close my eyes and the rain
could have been your soft lips
trickling down the soft landscapes of my body,
pooling in the deepest roots in my eternal soul.
A crack of a whip… No,.. Thunder
causes a catch in my breath.
I deeply inhale the sweet misty dew-
the blood rushes past my lungs to my finger tips,
pulling my heart with it… it makes me
reach for you
caught in space~ waiting
for the reach back
that connection-
lightening to the rod– to a living tree.
So green. So lush. So eager.

Blossoming with the
fruits of its youth.
These Fruits are Fire.
Sweet Prometheus, take them!
The only eagle to devour you is you own
self inflicted guilt.
Expell it;
All along, you’ve had the
Power to renounce her;

Scream it;
cry out like the thunder
answering my blazing flash.
Quake my bones and follow me.

the arc in the
sky matches the
arch in your brow….ever
questioning my
I. Have. None.


~ by Antelux Oculos on 08/07/2011.

3 Responses to “These Fruits Are Fire~ C.j.Sanders ’11”

  1. This is pretty good 🙂 I’d be interested in reading your commentary with each poem. What you were intending to say, how you were feeling when you wrote it, etc.

  2. This is very passionate! I love it!

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