Complete and utter randomness….

So this post really has nothing to do with poetry… these are just random tid-bits that have been floating around my head… um…

Dear Fairy Godmother,

Hi! It’s Cinderella!
yeah.. this time… If my coach turns back into a pumpkin at  midnight I will bippidy-boppidy-boop you and cut you with my one remaining slipper. Kthxbye!
Love Cindy!

P.S. Keep the mice out of the brandy… The ride home was  a little rougher than I would have liked…


I’m an instrument of life.. but I cannot be “played”. You may try. I guarantee you will fail. I march to a beat all of my own; sit back and enjoy the show. It’ll blow your mind.

Words like heaven. Intent of the devil. I believe you. Corrupt my soul.

I watch you being hurt by her ..and it hurts me so bad that I could hurt her.. and not feel a damn bit bad for the blame you might place on my name. you hurt=me hurt= she gets hurt.


She is an absolute nightmare. All it takes is 2 small words to enter your paradise of a dream land with me instead.


~ by Antelux Oculos on 08/16/2011.

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