Faerie ~ C.j.Sanders ’11

She is a Faerie.
Dainty and fragile,
But so full of life.
The epitome of all that is good.

So much love contained in one tiny being…
With no one to share it.
Her sprite heart begins to break
From the loneliness.

Her lace wings carry her
Through this world alone.
Her burden gets heavier
As her heart grows heavier still.

The little engine that could
Has nothing on her.
She doesn’t “think” she can..
She KNOWS she can.

“Be patient.”
Is what they tell her.
It is all she ever hears.
Does not dry tears.
Does not fill her empty arms.

This Faerie
Becomes a warrior.
Fighting for her
Her once white wings
Now stained crimson
From the blood of Fear.

She slays the
With ease.
Breathing a sigh of relief.
Lonely no more.


~ by Antelux Oculos on 08/16/2011.

2 Responses to “Faerie ~ C.j.Sanders ’11”

  1. I always love good endings:) maybe all the fairies out there will slay their own beasts…eventually…nice one missy! 🙂

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