Weeping C.j.Sanders ’11

I wept for you like one weeps for a lover.
A love lost; one like no other.
A gentle caress, one like the softest kiss.
This is something I should never have to miss.
Miss it I do, and forever, I will.
Your memory, it haunts me. Haunts me still.

The pain will eventually ebb and subside,
But forever I’ll long for you by my side.
A half empty bed, a fully empty heart.
I can’t believe that fate tore us apart.
My tears, they freeze in the blistering wind.
They remind me of you and just how I have sinned.

I think of us and how it should be,
But now all you’ve left is my memory and me.
Some dead part of me lies in wait,
Still strung on that hook you knowingly bait.
I must kill this demon you’ve left me be,
But who could have known my demon was me.

I’ll burn the pictures and forget your name.
But this hole in my life is from you, and I blame.
So go on like you do and live your precious life.
Go settle down with your kids and your wife.
They say it will take time, and in time I’ll be fine.
But it’s incomprehensible that you’ll never be mine.

I’m a figment, one tattered stray,
And to no god do I easily pray,
As you know I do not completely believe,
But from this hope I do so wholly grieve.
Someday you’ll understand. Someday you’ll see
That you made the wrong choice; you should have chose me.


~ by Antelux Oculos on 10/27/2011.

2 Responses to “Weeping C.j.Sanders ’11”

  1. awwwwww *tear* sweetest poem ever. You were right. I do like it. I feel it too 🙂

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