Why The Caged Bird Sings C.j.Sanders ’11

Like the cigarettes you toke,
Your breath polutes my lungs.
See that? The heart you broke?
A rancid taste left on our tongues.

I sit in my room as the flashbacks begin.
Recall how you spiked my blood with venom,
Soft destrucitve touches on my porcelain skin.
Emploding my nerves, leaving me numb.

I completely understand, yet I’m still so confused.
What did I do? What could possibly be wrong with me?
Left feeling abandoned, broken, and bruised.
Don’t you know I could have set you free?

I understand now, why the caged bird sings.
I empathise completely, stuck alone in my head.
I feel like I’ve got nothing but these useless, broken wings.
So trapped and confined, I’d almost rather be dead.

Take your last strike, and make it count.
One last kiss, one last embrace.
The tiny shreds of my heart abound.
Then I’ll remember to forget your face.


~ by Antelux Oculos on 11/02/2011.

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