Freudian Slip ~ C.j.Sanders ’12

Make no mistake,
A dream is not but that.
Out cold or wide awake,
I see you lying on your back.

Pillow talk and a hush-hush
Won’t sound like, but look like much.
Make your white bride rush to blush
By the sweet scent of a violent touch.

The sound is like a crimson red
Beating pulse & one short breath
Catching on the words he said,
Their love had met a bloody death.

Now I sit & wait on wings
At these words I must rejoice.
They seem to me the sweetest things.
Now I must only find my voice…

The time is now! Do not delay!
I can express my deepest thought.
Be not left a tattered fray!
Oh! Wild bird, he shall be caught!

A broken wing & trampled kiss,
Holstering sling & round turned cheek.
The cold sweat & sleep she’d miss…
Left broken, dull & wholly meek.

What could she, but sit and weep?
She bid him, her soul to take.
Carnaged love, roused from her sleep
As love died, she’s sound awake.


~ by Antelux Oculos on 04/24/2012.

2 Responses to “Freudian Slip ~ C.j.Sanders ’12”

  1. awesome as always ^_^

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