Star of Infidelity ~ C.j.Sanders ’12


The Sun rapes the night again.
Shattering peaceful dreams.
The Moon shields her face in pain, 
Stifling horrific screams.

The pain is slow.
Feeds on weak.
Lips subtle brush
Across her cheek

Trailed with tears,
Wearing the mask of a cloud.
Resounding silence
Was never so loud.

He is happy,
See his glee?
Her broken soul,
The only fee.

If she had a heart, 
It’s surely dust. 
Powdered to chalk
Within her bust.

For the sake of Life,
She tries harder.
For the sake of Love,
Becomes a martyr.

A love so rogue
It can’t be right.
I’ll barter for
Eternal Night. 


~ by Antelux Oculos on 08/06/2012.

4 Responses to “Star of Infidelity ~ C.j.Sanders ’12”

  1. You are right! I did love it! Excellent work as always 🙂 Really hits the spot so to speak..

  2. OMG! Welcome back!!!

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