Waking Dream ~ C.j.Sanders

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I MUST be dreaming.
There you are..
Standing next to me.
In front of the priest.
My family on the left.
Yours on the right.
Soon to be “ours”.

Two more words and you’re mine.
My turn next.
The words flow from my lips like the tide.
I can’t hold it back.
I. Do.
You do too.
Its final.
It’s forever.
‘Til death do us part.

Announced as Mr. & Mrs.
My heart skips a beat.
The recessional starts playing.
Here comes the rice.
And, yet, Stronger.

I MUST be dreaming.
There you are..
Here I am.
Fifty years later.
Still mine.
I gently pinch my arm.

Turns out,
It was never a
Dream at all.

If only my sleep was so sweet.
But it gets better every night I sleep by your side.


Faerie ~ C.j.Sanders ’11

•08/16/2011 • 2 Comments

She is a Faerie.
Dainty and fragile,
But so full of life.
The epitome of all that is good.

So much love contained in one tiny being…
With no one to share it.
Her sprite heart begins to break
From the loneliness.

Her lace wings carry her
Through this world alone.
Her burden gets heavier
As her heart grows heavier still.

The little engine that could
Has nothing on her.
She doesn’t “think” she can..
She KNOWS she can.

“Be patient.”
Is what they tell her.
It is all she ever hears.
Does not dry tears.
Does not fill her empty arms.

This Faerie
Becomes a warrior.
Fighting for her
Her once white wings
Now stained crimson
From the blood of Fear.

She slays the
With ease.
Breathing a sigh of relief.
Lonely no more.

Complete and utter randomness….

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So this post really has nothing to do with poetry… these are just random tid-bits that have been floating around my head… um…

Dear Fairy Godmother,

Hi! It’s Cinderella!
yeah.. this time… If my coach turns back into a pumpkin at  midnight I will bippidy-boppidy-boop you and cut you with my one remaining slipper. Kthxbye!
Love Cindy!

P.S. Keep the mice out of the brandy… The ride home was  a little rougher than I would have liked…


I’m an instrument of life.. but I cannot be “played”. You may try. I guarantee you will fail. I march to a beat all of my own; sit back and enjoy the show. It’ll blow your mind.

Words like heaven. Intent of the devil. I believe you. Corrupt my soul.

I watch you being hurt by her ..and it hurts me so bad that I could hurt her.. and not feel a damn bit bad for the blame you might place on my name. you hurt=me hurt= she gets hurt.


She is an absolute nightmare. All it takes is 2 small words to enter your paradise of a dream land with me instead.

These Fruits Are Fire~ C.j.Sanders ’11

•08/07/2011 • 3 Comments

I close my eyes and the rain
could have been your soft lips
trickling down the soft landscapes of my body,
pooling in the deepest roots in my eternal soul.
A crack of a whip… No,.. Thunder
causes a catch in my breath.
I deeply inhale the sweet misty dew-
the blood rushes past my lungs to my finger tips,
pulling my heart with it… it makes me
reach for you
caught in space~ waiting
for the reach back
that connection-
lightening to the rod– to a living tree.
So green. So lush. So eager.

Blossoming with the
fruits of its youth.
These Fruits are Fire.
Sweet Prometheus, take them!
The only eagle to devour you is you own
self inflicted guilt.
Expell it;
All along, you’ve had the
Power to renounce her;

Scream it;
cry out like the thunder
answering my blazing flash.
Quake my bones and follow me.

the arc in the
sky matches the
arch in your brow….ever
questioning my
I. Have. None.

Written In The Lightning ~C.j.Sanders ’11

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Written in the lightning,

There’s a message not all can read,

One statement filled with wonder,

That starts with one tiny seed.

It stretches its limbs out across the great sky,

Appears to be yawning, like its getting late.

To share a connection with a nuance

Of the same fragile state.

Electricity soars through the clouds

collecting particles with greed.

It tears through the silence,

Like a heart broken by one deed.

Small or big,

No matter that it makes…

A bad deed isn’t the only one

To which the heart breaks.

Choose your words carefully,

Saver each embrace.

Fai del bene e non male a quelli che amate,

Il tuo creatore si dovrà affrontare.


(Do good, not harm to those you love;

For your maker you will face.)

Emotional Intelligence~ C.j.Sanders ’11

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emotional intelligence is an oxymoron.

you cannot think with your heart.

you cannot feel with your brain.

sometime your mind does not control your heart.

sometimes you heart controls your body.

sometimes you lose control.

what is best for you may not be what you need.

but you take it anyway.

what you need may be detrimental to your current being.

so you go without.

you don’t love someone because you need them.

you need them because you love them.

it isn’t always smart to love…but

don’t be affraid to love…

it does more good than harm.


no exception.

you love your family.

you should love your friends.

you can love your enemies.

they make you who you are.they make you better.

they don’t care about when you are worse.

love yourself.

don’t be affraid to be different.

normal is the minority.

love is a universal language.

it just has different dialects.

mine is steadfast.


stumbling, but never completely faltering,


goodnight love.

stay ignorant.

Another Thought~C.j.Sanders ’11

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 Another thought turned to stone.

Rotting flesh from the bone.

Tossed inside the shallow well,

Where the waves beggin to grow and swell.

Where one small seed does survive

It may have yet to prosper; thrive.

All around it turns to black…

Soon pulls a knife there-from its back.

All this pain it makes  us lean;

Our lives build and grow like green.